28 de abril de 2009

Design Tool for the SharePoint Information Architect

Si bien no es una novedad, no lo había comentado en el Blog y se de varias personas a las cuales esta herramienta les va a servir muchísimo, se trata de Metavis Designer for SharePoint Architects 


Using the MetaVis Architect you can create SharePoint designs from scratch before they are even implemented in a physical environment, or you can work download existing designs and make changes without affecting the production version. Once your changes are made and approved, upload the design and changes are made automatically.

Features and Functionality
  • MetaData Design: Create content types or lists easily, traverse a tree structure that shows you how the metadata structure looks at a glance.
  • Seeing the Big Picture: Look at the entire design of your SharePoint environment, compare it to an existing environment viewing overlaps and gaps.
  • Quick Site Setup: You don't have to build a new SharePoint site from scratch every time. Use an existing design to kick start your new site or library.
  • Make Changes Easily: Using the designer you can create new lists and libraries, modify or delete existing ones and quickly deploy the changes back to the SharePoint environment.
  • Eases Compliance: Easily update your site or content types to meet compliance requirements.
  • Document: Add comments and annonations to your designs to easily remember important points, add additional information or alerts. There's even a sticky note capability.
  • Share Designs: You can export and share your designs before they are implemented to ensure they meet the requirements.

Espero les sirva, realmente en la fase inicial de los Proyectos es una excelente Tool, personalmente me dio buenos resultados.

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