28 de abril de 2009

2 New Free Tools

De la mano de Quest, nos llegan dos nuevas herramientas gratuitas para SharePoint y que tienen gran relevancia para los Administradores de plataforma :

 SharePoint PowerShell PowerPack v1 Feb 2009

These PowerPacks are meant to be used with PowerGUI for PowerShell. Find out more at  www.powergui.org

In order to use these PowerPacks please download PowerGUI from http://www.powergui.org/downloads.jspa

Instrutions on how to use these PowerPacks is also available from www.powergui.org as well as plenty of community driven information.

This download includes 4 PowerPacks.

SharePoint PowerPack - List the SharePoint Webs, folders, and List, and monitor the SharePoint usage.

SharePoint Farm PowerPack - Monitor your SharePoint farm servers, services, web services and web applications

SharePoint Navigator PowerPack -SharePoint Navigator PowerPack comes with full site navigation through the sites, webs, going down to folders and browsing through the files, viewing document properties and versions.
This Latest PowerPack also allows you to display the properties of the local farm, get a list of servers running in your farm, list SharePoint services and monitor the status and which services needs upgrade, and list the web services and web applications.

SharePoint Remove Access PowerPack - PowerPack which connects to SharePoint over its webservices


 SharePoint Disaster Recovery Advisor


Disaster Recovery Advisor is a companion tool for Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint. It guides the you through the process of WSS v3 or MOSS 2007 farm restoration during disaster recovery. DR Advisor analyzes the live SharePoint configuration database, or the configuration database backup. It then creates a detailed checklist of actions required to return the SharePoint farm back to operational state and verifies each components' availability in real time. This allows you to quickly assess where you are in the SharePoint farm disaster recovery process and what servers, databases, or services have yet to be restored. DR Advisor also suggests appropriate psconfig.exe commands to properly re-provision SharePoint to the front-ends as you bring them back, and allows to re-create required SQL logins for SharePoint to work.

Questions and feedback are welcome in the Recovery Manager forum!

  1. Download and run the self-extracting archive (Quest_SharePoint_DRAdvisor.exe)
  2. Run setup.exe from the ‘Recovery Manager for SharePoint DR Advisor’ folder
System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later; or Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later; or Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0  or later
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later (local or remote)


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