25 de febrero de 2008

Primeras Noticias de OFFICE 14 y Algo de Sharepoint...

De a poco se van revelando las novedades de la proxima version de Office, asi como de lo que va a tener la nueva version de Sharepoint.
Segun Palabras de Bill Gates en una entrevista publicada AQUI.
Y Acerca de Sharepoint, la noticia es la siguiente :

Q- Customising MOSS is sometimes harder to do vs just build from scratch on ASP.NET

A - There is a huge thing that I am very keen on driving is that our richest data store by far is SQL Server. Big theme in the next version of SharePoint is to let you manipulate actual SQL tables as lists (insert fanfare audio), you don't give up the ability to have lightweight lists like today but these will be 'super' lists. A big theme is how much split there is between .NET and SharePoint - how much is stored within SharePoint versus SharePoint being the user interface (UI) for incredibly rich data structures that exist natively underneath. (Bill became quite animated again - it's them data connections...)

Esperaremos a ver que nos depara la nueva version, para la cual, todavia no hay fechas ni mucha informacion.

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