13 de febrero de 2010

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Dashboard

Un nuevo proyecto disponible en Connect, se trata de distintos WebParts para generar un Dashboard con informacion recopilada de System Center :

How the Dashboard Works

The Configuration Manager Dashboard is designed to work with an existing Configuration Manager 2007 infrastructure. The Dashboard queries the Configuration Manager site database and uses the resulting data set to present key infrastructure metrics in a graphical format.

The Configuration Manager Dashboard uses SharePoint Web parts to manage and display data sets:

  • Microsoft Dashboard Configuration Web Part. Use this Web part to create and modify the SQL queries that produce the data sets and the other properties that govern how the Dashboard displays the data sets.
  • Microsoft Dashboard Viewer Web Part. Use this Web part to display the data sets. A Dashboard Viewer Web Part displays one data set at a time. The Configuration Manager Dashboard can contain multiple copies of the Dashboard Viewer Web Part at once, each copy displaying a different data set.

The following figure shows how users can interact with the Web parts to retrieve and display data.


El Sitio del Proyecto : https://connect.microsoft.com/InvitationUse.aspx?ProgramID=4505&InvitationID= SCD-BGMB-FK9M&SiteID=14

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