13 de febrero de 2010

Curso para Web Developers en Framework 4

Si bien hace un rato les comentaba de la disponibilidad de Framework 4.0 en version RC, ahora les dejo un interesante y completo curso orientado 100% a developers en el uso y consumo de Workflows, el temario :

The focus of the class is around the exciting new capabilities in .NET 4 for building distributed business applications and using services alongside your web applications. The investments Microsoft is making around Windows Workflow Foundation 4 and Workflow Services will simplify the development of your custom business logic, coordination code and web services. Windows Server AppFabric will further help you deploy, control and manage these services and workflows.

This training is a complete two day class that takes a real world approach and illustrates how to use these technologies to enhance your web applications, providing technical depth to encourage further experimentation and adoption. This training uses Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and AppFabric Beta1 and contains lectures, demos and hand-on labs for each of the ten modules in the class.


  • Overview
    • .NET 4 Workflow Services are the new way to build SOA and WCF services using workflows and AppFabric provides the enterprise grade host.
    • Introducing the Fourth Coffee scenario, setting the stage for what gets built throughout the class.
  • Development
    • Building Workflows, Activities and Activity Designers
    • Developing Workflow Services
    • Using Entity Framework in Workflow Services
    • Integrating SharePoint 2010
    • Connecting the ASP.NET and Silverlight user interfaces to Workflow Services
  • Deployment
    • Deploying to IIS/AppFabric for testing from Visual Studio
    • Re-Packaging site for deployment using MS Deploy from AppFabric
  • Debugging During Development & Troubleshooting Once Deployed
    • Debugging Options During Development
    • Troubleshooting Options in Test
    • Troubleshooting Options in Production using AppFabric
  • Configuration & Maintenance
    • AppFabric configuration (workflow service persistence, monitoring)
    • Versioning of Workflow Services in AppFabric
  • Enterprise Grade Hosting with AppFabric
    • Gaining availability and scalability with Instance Restart, Lock Retry and Routing
    • Priming the pump with AutoStart


La Descarga total es de 2.6GB : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=dbe54610-44e2-412b-9d4b-17f47bdbde18

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