15 de mayo de 2009

Hello SharePoint Workspace 2010

De a poco van apareciendo las novedades de la nueva version, en este caso, le toca la renovacion a Groove, quien va a ser mejorado en un Extreme Makeover llamandose SharePoint Workspace 2010 y formara parte de la nueva Suite de Office, que podremos descargar en muy poco tiempo en su version Technical Preview. Esta noticia fue anunciada por el equipo de Groove en MSDN.

Makeover for Groove: SharePoint Workspace 2010!

Heads up – Groove is getting a new name as of the coming release of Office 2010.  Please welcome SharePoint Workspace 2010! 

The name makeover is in concert with the direction the product is going.  SharePoint Workspace will provide easy access to SharePoint content (or content from any server that implements the publicly documented protocols) in an effort to provide a seamless online/offline experience.

SharePoint Workspace 2010 will be easier to deploy and easier to manage, and it supports a new set of scenarios to help Office and SharePoint users be more productive.  It will also make it easier for IT folks to implement a consistent information strategy based on SharePoint technology throughout the organization.

There will be changes in the way the product is delivered, as well – e.g. SharePoint Workspace (and OneNote, for that matter) will be added to the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 release.  Keep an eye peeled for further announcements from Microsoft on new product plans for Office.

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