16 de abril de 2009

SharePoint Business Impact Awards 2009

Una interesante propuesta, a la cual pueden aplicar directamente, se trata de un reconocimiento a las mejores soluciones en SharePoint con impacto en el negocio, tal como lo dice su nombre…

Un jurado integrado por reconocidos especialistas de SharePoint como ser

Judging Panel
Judges for the Awards 2009 program include leading analysts and authors focused on the use of SharePoint for collaboration:

  • Michael Sampson, The Michael Sampson Company
  • Jeff Stamps, NetAge
  • Martin White, Intranet Focus Ltd.
  • Grant Margison, Information Leadership
  • Susan Hanley, Susan Hanley LLC.
  • Mark Miller, EndUserSharePoint.com
  • Kanwal Khipple, SharePointBuzz.com

Los Premios

Winning the Awards 2009 Program
Winners of the Awards 2009 program will be recognized in at least five key ways:

  1. A SharePoint for Collaboration: Business Impact Awards 2009 trophy.
  2. Global recognition through multiple publishing channels.
  3. Showcasing of all winning entries in the Awards 2009 Report.
  4. A complimentary full copy of the Awards 2009 Report.
  5. Winners will be interviewed and the recordings published for global distribution.

Categorias en las cuales se puede aplicar

Award Categories
There are 7 award categories in the Awards 2009 program.

  1. Project Team Collaboration ... The use of SharePoint to support team project activities. This is likely to include the tracking of milestones, deliverables and emerging information over time, aligned with a specific business project.
  2. Document Collaboration ... The use of SharePoint in business activities to support the joint creation of large and complex documents. This is likely to include people working across departmental or organizational boundaries, on large and complex documents such as request for proposals.
  3. Structured Data Collaboration ... The use of SharePoint to help groups collaborate on structured data through lists. For example, this could be about running the organization's budgeting process through SharePoint.
  4. Process Collaboration ... The use of SharePoint for business process enablement, either directly through workflow services, or indirectly as a way of handling exceptions in business processes.
  5. Product Design and Service Creation Collaboration ... The use of SharePoint to support the design of new products or the creation of new services.
  6. Enterprise Social Networking ... The use of SharePoint to support the discovery and cultivation of connections between people in the organization, the identification of expertise, and the formation and support of communities of interest and practice.
  7. Extended-Enterprise Collaboration ... The use of SharePoint to support collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers.

Proceso y Criterios de Evaluacion.

Awards 2009 Process
March 16 ... The Call for Entries for the SharePoint for Collaboration: Business Impact Awards 2009 program opens.

June 5 ... Deadline for Entries for the Awards 2009 program

Winners will be announced in October 2009, along with the publication of the Awards report.

The Awards 2009 program is for end-user organizations, not vendors. That is, only organizations using Microsoft SharePoint are qualified to enter the program Awards 2009. Vendors of SharePoint software, SharePoint products and SharePoint services are not permitted to enter on their own behalf. Any enterprise IT department, business manager, technology vendor, systems integrator or public relations firm may submit an entry on behalf of a qualifying end-user organization.

There is no cost to enter the Awards 2009 program.

Judging Criteria
All entries for the SharePoint for Collaboration: Business Impact Awards 2009 program will be judged on three criteria:

  1. Business Impact (40%) ... The value to the business, and how this has been measured (direct financial benefits or other indirect benefits).
  2. People Strategy (40%) ... The approach taken to encourage adoption by business users.
  3. Technology Strategy (20%) ... The elegance with which the technology products and services have been integrated to deliver an overall solution.

Each entry will be judged based solely on the written information, supporting screenshots and any associated screen movies that are submitted. That is, it is up to the person submitting the entry to ensure that sufficient evidence is supplied so that the judges can make an informed decision.

Pueden aplicar SIN COSTO a esta evaluacion, es una muy buena oportunidad para dar a conocer trabajos, empresas y soluciones a nivel mundial.

Mas informacion http://www.michaelsampson.net/impact09.html

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