17 de octubre de 2008

New Version : Enhanced Blog Edition

Ya esta disponible en Codeplex la nueva version de Enhanced Blog Edition para SharePoint con mejoras en los siguientes aspectos:

1. Themes can be defined at the site collection level
2. Blog comments by authenticated users
3. Activation possible from a Site Template (onet.xml)
4. Possible to theme Wiki pages
5. Settings can be set in a Site Template (onet.xml)
6. Localisation (FR & ES)
7. Menu control to allow use of the Quick Launch navigation
8. Support for Search Server Express
9. Folder heirachy support on the List XML control
10. IsBlogContributor added to allow non owners the ability to author
11. Cookies removed if theme does not exist.
12. Feature activation 'access denied' bug solved.
13. Spam deleted immediately if set to do so.

Descarga Directa desde el Sitio de Codeplex AQUI

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